Troubleshooting YOUR Dust and Streamer Problem

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Thursday, September 19 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Location: General Session

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Title: Troubleshooting YOUR Dust and Streamer Problem


Presentation that demonstrates how material handling processes are all unique so problems with material handling systems require unique solutions. Area of Focus: Material Handling / Auxillary Equipment.

Type: General Session


In today’s market place, clean resin without streamers and with a remaining dust content below 50 parts per million (ppm) is required to produce quality products. Many resin producers find it difficult to meet this standard with their existing pneumatic conveying and dust removal systems. Therefore, these contaminants need to be removed before your extrusion process so that the material that you melt is free of streamers and dust.  Melting clean material yields better quality end products and less maintenance headaches. Fortunately, there are various established methods for minimizing the generation of dust and streamers and efficiently removing these contaminants.

One simple approach is to modify an existing high speed dilute phase pneumatic transfer system into a Strandphase transfer system that uses lower velocity conveying gas. Along with replacing standard pipe bends with special elbows like the Pellbow, you can drastically reduce attrition created by conveying your material. Test results show the convey gas velocity and the type of elbow used is directly proportional to dust and streamer generation. A video demonstrates how the proprietary Pellbow works.

Even the most efficient conveying system will still create some dust and maybe even some streamers. The best way to remove dust and streamers is using a dedusting system designed specifically for granular plastic products. The Pelletron DeDuster is designed to remove even electrostatically charged dust and very long streamers in one system. It is recommended that a DeDuster should be mounted directly to the inlet of an extruder, injection molding machine or packaging silo outlet to ensure the best quality material is being used downstream. A video demonstrates the working principle of the DeDuster.