Current Technology and Near-Future Opportunities for Smart Manufacturing

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Tuesday, September 17 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Location: General Session

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Title: Current Technology and Near-Future Opportunities for Smart Manufacturing


Data-driven manufacturing.  Where we are in 2019 vs 2018.  Where we will be in the near-future (2020 and 2021).

Type: General Session


In today’s extrusion plants, data is everywhere. Modern control systems not only govern machine operation, they also monitor and record a host of setpoint and actual process parameters that can be viewed on the operator interfaces on individual machines. That data can usually be downloaded manually or automatically to various database systems and compiled into reports and analyses that can support process-optimization and productivity-enhancement programs. These approaches have a number of limitations, not least of which is the fact that the data is historical and can’t easily be acted upon in real time. It is also usually delivered in discrete packets specific to the operation of each individual piece of equipment. A plant-wide perspective requires compilation and aggregation that may demand special programming and analysis expertise. Furthermore, data is typically stored on local networks that depend on hardware and software must maintained and updated constantly. New Industry 4.0 technology, however, holds the promise of simpler, more automatic and much more capable data gathering. Powerful equipment monitoring and visualization functions, plus advanced cloud-based data storage and analytics, are becoming available. These developments will soon help molders collect and analyze more information, allowing them to achieve new levels of process, performance and quality optimization, while predictive diagnostics and maintenance ensure maximum equipment uptime. This presentation will review existing technology and describe current and near-future opportunities to create the “smart factories” of the future.