New Developments in Chillers Providing Precise Heating and Cooling in One Unit

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Thursday, September 19 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Location: General Session

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Title: New Developments in Chillers Providing Precise Heating and Cooling in One Unit


The latest technologies in chillers now include heating capabilities in one unit to serve processes requiring multiple temperatures, flow and pressures.  Many applications including sheet, extrusion, and film converting require parts of the process to be maintained at different temperatures.

Type: General Session


With the latest developments in controls, sensors, electronic valves and variable speed motor technology comes the invention of chillers utilizing these components for energy efficient, precise and reliable temperature control.  This includes both heating and cooling of multiple water supply sources in one unit for those applications requiring varying temperatures, flows and pressures to one process.  This new technology allows manufacturers to design units utilizing energy efficient variable speed compressors and fan motors to precisely control the temperature to the process.  Along with these new developments comes controls that can log data, predict future issues before they happen and provide adaptive control to allow your process to continue but at a controlled speed before a shutdown.  Taken to the next step, units can be designed with heaters and multiple circuits should the process require both heating and cooling all in one compact unit.  Multiple PID algorithms control these multiple temperature processes, eliminating the need for a separate temperature control unit and the space it utilizes.