Optimization of Extruder Barrel Temperatures

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Thursday, September 19 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM

Location: General Session

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Title: Optimization of Extruder Barrel Temperatures


In the presentation I am planning to discuss some very interesting examples that I have encountered over the last couple of years.  These examples show how serious surging can be completely eliminated by appropriate changes in barrel temperatures.

Type: General Session


Determining the optimum barrel-temperature profile is one of the most important tasks in extrusion. A barrel-temperature profile (BTP) that works well on one extruder may not work on the same type of extruder right next to it, even if the extruders process the same plastic, use the same screw and die design, and run at the same rpm. So in an extrusion plant with many extruders, trying to run them all at the same BTP will likely result in below-optimum performance for some extruders.

There are many possible reasons for this. One is the depth of temperature sensors in the barrel. If one extruder uses shallow-well thermocouples and another uses deep-well thermocouples, this will result in different temperatures on the inside wall of the barrel, where it really counts. The BTP is also affected by die head pressure, screw and barrel wear, ambient conditions (air temperature and humidity), and resin inlet temperature and moisture level.

Several examples will be discussed where severe surging was eliminated by optimizing the BTP.  It will be shown that significant improvement in extruder performance can be achieved simply by setting correct barrel temperatures.