Alpha Marathon Film Extrusion Technologies

Address: 170 Hanlan Road
City: Woodbridge
State: ON

Country: Canada

Zip: L4L 3P6

Phone: 905-265-2055

About Alpha Marathon Film Extrusion Technologies

Alpha Marathon Film Extrusion Technologies Inc. is a world class leader in the plastic film and extrusion equipment industry. Whether your end product is a monolayer film, stretch or shrink film or an advanced multi-layer barrier structure, Alpha Marathon has the perfect production solution for every possible application including food packaging, industrial packaging, medical packaging, protection sheet packaging, thermoforming, agricultural packaging, geomembrane liners production, and others. Alpha Marathon also provides retrofit of existing lines to maintain or increase its performance and/or enable the production of a new final product. Alpha Marathon’s executive management vision, in depth technical expertise and well established marketing strategy allow the company to develop and deliver quality products using innovative technology and modern design.